Become a Volunteer

By working three (3) hours at any of these Splash Days parties:

  • Swim Meet & Greet (Welcome Party)
  • Splash Dance (Main Event)
  • High Seas (Recovery Party)

You receive one Weekend Pass.

By working multiple shifts (in three hour increments) you receive multiple Weekend Passes. For example, working two three hour shifts, you receive two Weekend Passes.

Volunteer tasks vary, but are primarily working the entrance at the event helping to get folks in the door (for example, will-call, putting on wrist bands, checking IDs).

To volunteer, fill out the form below, choose which party (or parties) and shifts you want to work, we will record it and confirm it in a return email.

    Choose which party and shift you would like to work. Depending on the number of volunteers, we may need you to work a different party or shift (only one slot left)!
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