Swim Meet and Greet
Welcome Party
DJ Joe Ross
Friday, September 1st 10pm – 3am

The Belmont
305 West 6th Street



Splash Danceevents2
Main Event
DJ Roland Belmares
Saturday, September 2nd 10pm – 4am 

V Austin 409 Colorado Street    



events4Get Wet!
Lake Party
Sunday, September 3rd

Hippie Hollow
Lake Travis

The party barge will be docked at Hippie Hollow. You will need a wrist band from either Rain or Oil Can Harry’s. There will be no entry onto the boat, but you are welcome to swim or raft up to the boat.




High Tideevents5
Recovery Party
DJ Wayne G 
Sunday, September 3rd 10pm – 4am

The North Door  
501 Brushy Street




Adult Swim
DJ Joe Ross
Monday, September 4th 1pm – 4pm

The Belmont
305 West 6th Street